Wedding preparations


With so much to think of and so many options to choose from, planning your wedding day can seem overwhelming. Organising the timing and structure of your wedding day will help everything fall in to place and ensure that everything will be perfect for your wedding.

Identify your wedding day priorities and place them in order. Work out the timings for your day according to your priorities, either from your ceremony’s preferred starting time, or backwards from your reception’s preferred starting time.

Carefully allocate the appropriate amount of time to spend on each part of your wedding day according to how important they are to you. Adjust the timings until you have got them right. This is very important.


Work down through your list of priorities allocating an appropriate share of your budget to each aspect of your wedding day according to their importance to you. Remember that when the day is over and your friends and family have gone home, there will be somethings that you can take with you into your married life, somethings that are left behind, and somethings still to look forward to.


Once you have allocated your budget, you can go looking for the wedding suppliers who will provide you with the options you have chosen. There are many wedding suppliers for you to choose from, so choose wisely, according to to your wedding plan. Remember, that lower prices do not equal better value and that you will only get what you pay for. If you want top class, designer products and exceptional service expect to pay more for them. Cut price products will be of lesser quality.


The photographs of your wedding day will stay with you throughout your married life and so for many couples their wedding photography is crucial.

Choose the best professional wedding photographers you can afford. Simply put, the quality of your wedding albums and framed prints will be reflected in the price you pay. Choose wedding photographers who you like and whose company you enjoy because they will be close to you throughout your wedding day. Choose wedding photographers with integrity who you can trust, who you can rely on completely and who will go that extra mile for you on your wedding day.

Look at the wedding albums of two complete weddings and judge the photographer’s talents and abilities on what you see. Make sure you like their style of photography and that you will be happy with the quality of their wedding albums and prints. Choose photographers who put you at ease and who you can have fun with.


The best wedding photographers are always in demand, so try to keep your chosen photographer’s availability in mind when choosing your venue. Many top photographers have availability checkers online to help you choose a date for your wedding.

Many wedding venues have beautiful grounds and landscaped gardens which are great for photography when the sun is shining. If photography is high on your list of priorities choose a venue that can also provide covered places and quiet rooms where you can go for photographs if it is raining.


Wedding shoes spoil easily, so we suggest to brides that they have a pair of comfortable shoes that they can put on at the reception. If you want photographs taking in the grounds and the grass is damp, you may prefer to leave your Jimmy Choos or Ginas inside. A pair of funky wellies under your wedding dress will do the job nicely and also make a great photograph!


Your wedding day starts from the time you wake up so plan to relax and enjoy every moment of it. Delegate to others all the wedding day tasks like taking the orders of service and confetti to the church, or delivering the men’s buttonholes, so that you can stay relaxed all day. Be prepared for some last minute hiccups but don’t worry about things going wrong. The car may be late, the flowers may be a different shade of pink, it may be raining. If you stay relaxed, you will have a much better day and look far more attractive in your wedding photographs. Que sera, sera!

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